There really is no correct or incorrect way to float.  Utmost important is to get yourself comfortable.  Most floaters opt to float arms at their side or another position is arms over your head with palms facing up.  Arms over head is a great position for those with neck or back issues as it allows for the spine to be in a better alignment.  When you have achieved a comfortable body position, remain still and allow your mind to fully relax all parts of your body.


Breathing tactics are a phenomenal method for trying to calm your mind.  It helps your body to relax and brings down blood pressure steering your body away from the physical tension relating to the “fight or flight” instinct.  Slow everything down for yourself taking in some nice deep breaths at first.  Once you feel your body has settled into the experience, allow yourself to relax with normal breaths and observe the healing begin.


It is important to remain as still as you can, because the excessive movement will interrupt your full relaxation state and possibly the advantages of floating.  Not to mention that the more you move the more apt you are to get the water in your eyes and/or mouth, which isn’t quite favourable due to the amount of Epsom salt.  The taste is unpleasant and the water might sting your eyes.  Should this occur, you may slowly exit the pod or room and rinse your eyes and/or mouth in the shower, and then re-enter the pod/room when you feel okay to.