Our build and design team worked meticulously to deliver every fine detail in this float centre for our clients to have the very best floating experience possible for years to come.  We truly wanted this centre to be nothing short of PERFECT for the London community – this was at the forefront of our vision.

Located in a brand new, award-winning, medical building on the first floor, this space was devoted and created specifically to being a float centre from its roots.  From advanced HVAC and air vent system, to sound-proof walls and ceilings, and a post-float room that will sure to enhance your relaxed state, we have pushed ourselves to exceed London’s floating experience.

We wanted this to be your ultimate escape from life’s stresses and a place where you could completely rejuvenate your entire mind and body in a luxurious and uplifting setting.

This is London Float. This is YOUR escape, your float centre, your ultimate relaxation zone.


Our team spent months alone researching for the VERY best floating equipment out there to offer to London.  Price was not a factor when considering our selection, we just simply wanted the BEST — the best equipment with the best filtration.  We knew we wanted state of the art equipment that we believed in and that we ourselves would want to float in over and over again.  Hygienic, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, we needed every measure adapted.  Much of our start-up delays were due to the high demand for this equipment, but it was worth the wait.  Our equipment is manufactured in California and is also the same equipment that most of the professional athletes use. Our Float Pod is the exact same as those used by the LA Dodgers, the New England Patriots and the Ohio State Buckeyes, just to name a few.  As well it is the same pod used by the US Airforce and the US Navy.

Our Float Pods and Float Rooms are designed with you in mind and you are in complete control of your relaxation time.  You may put yourself in total darkness and indulge deeply into nothingness; or you may select a tranquil LED lighting atmosphere while listening to soothing sounds of nature.  Claustrophobic?  Try our Float Room with door open.  Your experience is your choice.

Evolution Float Pod – coming in at 85” inches in length, and 55” in width, its seamless design is an industry first.  This advantage eliminates growth of mold or mildew that can form on glued seams and that is why we chose it.  Try this floating experience for that close intimate feeling, lid open or lid closed, you will feel the warmth and self-healing in a more capsule-like surrounding. Seeing this machine in person, actually takes your breath away.

Quest Float Room – length 94”, width 52” and height 88”, make room for this experience.  You can float, float away in this luxury suite. So very roomy for that claustrophobic floater, and from what we have noticed, a favourite of avid floaters.  The float room is heavenly for giving you space and openness.  Don’t forget that we have a Couples Float Room as well, where you can share this experience with someone or go alone if you wish for a larger amount of space.


Hands down — absolutely the best filter available for a float tank and one of the main reasons we went with the supplier we did.  The Evolution Filtration System is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size and are actually in fact FDA compliant for drinking water, essentially it is a CLASS 1 Filtration.  Basically it is so clean, you could drink the water.  Standard competitor pool and spa filter cartridges only filter to 20-30 microns (for comparison).  The DEL UV and Ozone Water Treatment within this system not only promises clean water that smells great, but it also sterilizes the air and inside walls of the floating chambers.  This intense filtration process is completed a minimum of three times between float sessions and London Float only uses high-quality, non-toxic products.