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Arrive and check-in (Just bring yourself)
Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to the start of your session. 15 minutes earlier if it is your first time floating.

You will be given your own private suite with shower and will start with a shower before entering the float pod or room to rinse off any dirts or oils.

Put in Earplugs (we supply these).

Step into the float pod or room (you may wear a swimsuit or nothing at all).

Lie in a comfortable floating position. Your body will naturally float.
Most choose arms at side, over chest, or arms above head.
(We have a neck doodle to support your neck for those who wish to use this).

When your time is up, you will hear music fade in easing you out of your float.

Step out and shower to remove any salts from your body.

Get dressed and if need be, we have a vanity area supplying hair dryer, q-tips, deodorant, etc if you need more time to complete any touch-ups. We ask that clients do not take more than 15 minutes after their session to get ready.  We greatly appreciate this, as it will allow us to set-up for the next floater.  Our medical building also has a beautiful washroom just outside of our float centre about 10 steps away.

Before leaving, we welcome you to relax and have a tea or water in our beautiful quiet lounge.  This is a nice enhancement to your relaxed state.

Enjoy the rest of your day with your post-float glow 🙂