The beneficial effects of floating are corroborated by a wealth of scientific explanations, compiled by Michael Hutchinson in his prominent book about floatation. According to experts, if gravity ceases, the central nervous system, muscles and spinal column are relieved of their load, alleviating the effects caused by gravity. The energy thus liberated and increased cerebral capacity increase the functioning of our internal regulation system and help the organism’s regeneration.  Therefore, one hour of floating is the equivalent of approximately four hours of sleep.

Floating helps prevent and alleviate stress, thus decreasing the production of “harmful” hormones. Simultaneously, it increases the organism’s natural production of “beneficial” hormones such as endorphins, which increase happiness, and beta – endorphin, which relieves pain.

Floating exerts a beneficial effect in the following areas:

Mental health, neurology

▪ alleviates the effects of stress

▪ improves creativity

▪ improves concentration and problem – solving

▪ decreases learning difficulties

▪ alleviates sleeping problems, alleviates or even cures chronic fatigue

▪ creates chemical and metabolic balance

▪ harmonizes the functioning of the brain’s right and left hemispheres

▪ decreases addiction to harmful substances

▪ alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety

▪ improves behavioural problems

▪ decreases migraines

Symptoms affecting internal organs

▪decreases the risk of cardiovascular and circulatory system disease by regulating blood pressure and circulation

▪helps lactic acid absorption

▪increases oxygen supply

▪alleviates respiratory problems symptoms

▪strengthens the immune system

▪prevents strokes

▪decreases the risk of cancer


▪ treats acne; calms and smoothes skin

▪ heals contusions and surface bruises

▪ exfoliates and refreshes skin

▪ opens pores and preps skin prior to cosmetic treatments

Beneficial effects on sporting activity

▪ improves performance and fitness

▪ loosens muscles

▪ detoxifies joints and muscles

▪ helps regeneration from sporting injuries

Skeletal muscles

▪ effectively alleviates the inflammation of joints, back pain, neck stiffness, sprains

▪ alleviates the symptoms of various spinal problems