Nope, just yourself.  Unless of course you have contact lenses, in this case be sure to bring your lens case and contact solution since removing your lenses will optimize your float experience.  You may leave them in, but we recommend removing them just in case you get a bit of salt water in your eyes.  We will have towels, robes, ear plugs, and products to use in the shower before and after your float.


Individuals with claustrophobia have reported pleasant experiences while floating.  Being aware of this condition, at London Float, we have opted to have 4 float rooms in our facility, allowing for a more open feeling for those who feel this way.  The rooms feel more spacious than the Float Pods.  You lose awareness of the walls around you and this allows you to rest in an experience of formless spaciousness.  Not to mention you remain in total control of the experience, you may keep the lights on, door open, etc.  You have total control over your comfort.


As mentioned, London Float Therapy has 2 float pods, and 4 float rooms in our facility.  There really is no difference for the therapy, it is more of a preference for the individual.  The rooms are more spacious, the pods give that kind of enclosed capsule feeling.  Both are amazing.  After trying both, you may be partial to one or the other.  Most avid floaters prefer the rooms.

We also have a couples float room, our large “deluxe room” allows for two floaters at once – makes a wonderful gift.


The highly sterile salt water in the pods/rooms is kept clean with a triple filtration process.  First we use a 1 micron filter (Class 1 filtration) that is FDA compliant for drinking water.  Second a combination of ozone and germicidal UV light disinfection creates a powerful oxidant that instantly oxidizes contaminants within the pod/room.  We then run this filtration through a total of 3 complete turns.  The Epsom salt solution makes it naturally sanitary, in addition to the filtration, it is virtually impossible for microorganisms to survive.  Our system used is designed by one of the best float suppliers in the world.  Our entire treatment rooms are rigorously filtered and disinfected after each float.


No.  Some people do fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant that you stay afloat.  The worst that may happen if you fall asleep is getting woken up by a bit of salt water in your eyes.  Ability to swim is not necessary for floating – everyone floats without effort.


The temperature is set at a skin-receptor neutral temperature, which is about 95 degrees fahrenheit.


Yes, absolutely.  We have 2 pods and 4 rooms, and this can be a very rewarding and connective experience to share with a friend.  We also have the double occupancy room in which you may float with a friend or partner in the same tub – this room is much larger and comfortably allows you and your friend/partner ample room to experience this wonderful healing together.

Can I float if I am pregnant?

Yes you may! In the 2nd and 3rd trimester, floating is said by many to provide relief from the stress and strain of pregnancy by allowing your body to float in a weightless environment.  Pregnant women benefit greatly from floating!  If you have any concerns, be sure to consult your doctor before coming to float.

Can I float if I am menstruating?

Yes, just follow the same protocol as if you were going to the pool.

Are there any negative effects to floating?

Mostly what you can expect to experience is just a lingering residual feeling of peace, calmness, vibrancy and happiness.  This feeling may be unfamiliar to some of us, and thus could create some change in comfort from our normal emotional states.

Is there a place to keep my belongings safe and secure while I float?

Each float room is private, so you are ok to leave your things on the bench in the room while you are floating.

What if I am running late?

Please call us if you may be running late for your appointment.  We may be able to adjust your appointment time.  If not, your time in the float pod/room will be reduced as we still need to end your float at the appointed time due to the fact that the room will need to be ready for the next client.

I’ve just dyed my hair, can I float?

We recommend waiting at least one week to allow the colour to fully set.  We don’t want the salt affecting the colour or your colour bleeding into the water.  If the colour is no longer rinsing out into the water when you shower, it’s usually good indication that you may float.

What if I have cuts and/or scrapes?

We provide our clients packets of petroleum jelly in the suite to alleviate the stinging feeling of any cuts or scrapes.  The salt water may give a stinging sensation, but it soon disappears.

What about shaving skin?

We recommend not shaving approximately 8-10 hours before your float.  The salt water can be irritating or itchy for just shaven skin.

Should I bring a change of clothing?

You may bring a change of clothing if you wish or need to, most people will change back into what they were wearing.

Should I bring a bathing suit?

This is the floater’s preference.  Each treatment room is private and most people float nude, but you may wear a bathing suit if you wish.

What should I do after I float?

Once you have showered and dressed, we invite you to spend some time in our post-float lounge.  We offer tea and water and hope you have time to relax for a little bit in our beautiful lounge before leaving.  We also offer a vanity section, with hair dryers, toiletries, skin care, if you require more time to get ready.  Remember to hydrate yourself well for the remainder of the day and in general.

Why do I shower twice?

The shower before floating removes any body oils and products.  The shower afterward will remove the salt from your skin and hair.  Your skin and hair will be feeling nice and soft.

If I float for an hour or more, will my skin get wrinkly?

No, the high salt concentration prevents your skin from wrinkling and it will actually leave it feeling soft and smooth when your treatment is complete.

Where to park and how much is it?

Parking at our facility is free and ample!  In selecting our location, we kept this in mind 🙂  Stress-free and easy!

What is your cancellation policy?

At this present time, we ask that clients give at least 24 hours for cancellation of any appointment.  Any no-show or appointment(s) cancelled within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment, will be charged 50% of the service.  This allows us to provide better service for our clients and prevents individuals from booking time slots and not showing up.  We appreciate your understanding toward this policy at this time.